Is This Edwardian Writer a Twink?

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One of the first things I consider when picking out a new novel to read is naturally the author. When doing so, there is one question I find myself coming back to time and time again, is he a twink? I offer you here an incomplete list of notable Edwardian authors and attempt to arrive at an answer to this vital question.

E.M. Forster


Edward Morgan Forster, author of such  novels as Passage to India, A Room With a View, Howards End, and Maurice was undoubtedly a twink. Like, I don’t really think I need to explain that judgement? Look at him.

George Bernard Shaw


The notable Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw was quite obviously not a twink. He maintained a fairly luxurious beard throughout most of his life for starters and was nowhere near slim enough to earn the status. If anything, Shaw was a bear.

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Getting #Relatable With Hillary and Huma’s Emails

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Is this too soon? Maybe. But Huma and Hils sent some damn relatable emails and I think we need to take a minute to appreciate them.



This is not that relatable. I don’t have voicemail. I’ve never called anyone’s house. I’ve never had a few things for someone. I’ve never asked anyone if they’re still here.



What she says: “This is a political strategy to make people feel important.”

What she means: “I want two lunches and I hate large groups.”

This is  relatable because I also want two lunches and hate people but it doesn’t break top five because I don’t have enough people wanting to have lunch with me to split them into two groups.



We’ve all messaged our best friend at 11:51 AM to be like “I have to eat.” The only reason it’s not higher on the list? Not specific enough. I want…

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SpRiNg 2016 Updates

It’s that time of year again- time to start getting ready for another fantastic semester of student theater at Vassar!


Applications for Full-Length shows are due 1/29 at 5pm and should be submitted to Talia Feldberg at

Directing Workshops:

Applications for Directing Workshops are due 1/29 at 5pm and should be submitted to Katherine Willard at

Special Events:

These applications are due on a rolling basis throughout the semester and should be submitted to Pat Dunning at

All Applications can be found in the Forms/Applications section of the website


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Fall 2015! Here We Go

As all the new freshmen are just settling in we’re here to update you on our plans for the semester! Here are some important dates to jot down:

  • Monday, August 31st: Student Theater Interest Meeting in the Shiva
  • Friday, September 4th at 5pm: Full Length Applications Due (e-mail applications to Talia,
  • Wednesday, September 9th (6:30): First General Body Meeting and Freshmen Rep Elections
  • Thursday – Saturday, September 17th – 19th: Full-Length Auditions

There will be directing workshops this semester, we’re solidifying the dates this week. We’ll keep you posted.

As always we have our open minutes at the beginning of each meeting. We meet on Sundays at 7pm

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Applications for Fall 2014!

Calling all Vassar students!

Directing Workshop Fall 2014 applications are available on our website here. All applications are due Sunday, September 7th at NOON. Start thinking about a short piece you want to direct, under 15 minutes. We are so excited to read everyone’s applications!

And remember, follow us on Twitter @philaletheis!

Who’s ready for an amazing year of theatre?


The Phil Board

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Phil’s on Twitter!


Phil is now on Twitter! Follow @philaletheis for our regular chirpings!

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