Getting #Relatable With Hillary and Huma’s Emails

The Niche

Is this too soon? Maybe. But Huma and Hils sent some damn relatable emails and I think we need to take a minute to appreciate them.



This is not that relatable. I don’t have voicemail. I’ve never called anyone’s house. I’ve never had a few things for someone. I’ve never asked anyone if they’re still here.



What she says: “This is a political strategy to make people feel important.”

What she means: “I want two lunches and I hate large groups.”

This is  relatable because I also want two lunches and hate people but it doesn’t break top five because I don’t have enough people wanting to have lunch with me to split them into two groups.



We’ve all messaged our best friend at 11:51 AM to be like “I have to eat.” The only reason it’s not higher on the list? Not specific enough. I want…

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